Hair Removal

Our reputation has been built on success. It has been our experience that one successful project leads to another, and although getting rid of our client’s hair growth ultimately means getting rid of our clients, those who are happy often start treatment on new areas and/or refer new clients. 90% of our business comes from word of mouth.

Our Professionals
In the field of hair removal there are practitioners and there are professionals. New-Tech staff members are all highly trained professionals and, collectively, have more than 75 years of hair removal experience.

Our company and staff have always been heavily involved in our industry – dedicated to ongoing professional development as well as consumer education.

We employ only registered electrologists and our laser professionals receive an initial 200 hours of in-house laser training compared to the market average of 12 for most practitioners. Our professionals also work in cooperation with some of the country’s top laser surgery specialists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons and endocrinologists.

Assessment Our Key To Great Results
We believe that proper assessment is one of the most important aspects of successful hair removal. At New-Tech, careful & continual client assessment is what sets us apart – and gets great results.

We work with your biology as well as the latest technology. Because every client is different, OUR first step is to assess your hair biology and help you understand the kind of hair you have. We then recommend a customized course of treatment and ensure that you have realistic expectations about your treatment program.

YOUR First Step is …Call us.

We will discuss your personal needs, options, and potential treatment program. Permanent hair removal involves a permanent physiological change to your body – not unlike plastic surgery. Successful clients who make a commitment to this process are rewarded with great results.

New-Tech offers FREE consultation.
This includes:




"This is the best thing I have ever done for myself and the best money I have ever spent.  Every morning that I get up and don't have to shave, every time I pull on a bathing suit without having to worry about being hairy, I am overjoyed."

- Carol